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[807_pawg_mailing_list] Wear something warm tonight

Please wear some warm clothing tonight, I hear we may be doing some star gazing!!!

[807_pawg_mailing_list] Please bring your old Ribbon rack to tonight’s meeting if you received award

807th, If you received a Red Service Ribbon or CAP Achievement Award at the Dining Out last week, please bring your ribbon rack tonight to add the new ribbon(s) to your rack. This will ensure we turn in the old and issue a new rack. These are relatively high dollar items and I want to […]

[807_pawg_mailing_list] Re: Veterans Day Ceremony Bangor Park

807th Cadets, Parents and Staff, Today marks the 98th anniversary of what we now call Veterans Day. Veterans Day first was recognized as Armistice Day. On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, in 1918, people in England, France, Canada, and the United States held parades and public gatherings to commemorate […]

[807_pawg_mailing_list] Re: Veterans Day Ceremony Bangor Park

807th Cadets, Parents and Staff, Tomorrow, November 11th, is Veterans Day. I hope all Veterans enjoy this day that was granted to honor their service and sacrifice. *The VFW has changed the venue for their ceremony due to the forecast cold weather. The ceremony will now be held at the VFW hall at 1000 AM. […]

[807_pawg_mailing_list] Dining-Out Info

Plates, cutlery and napkins are provided by the catering. Pat On Wed, Nov 8, 2017 at 10:08 PM, Joseph Knapp wrote: > Sorry. I don’t remember if they provided paper products. I think so > > Sent from my iPhone > > On Nov 8, 2017, at 8:04 PM, kathy hoadley > wrote: > > […]

[807_pawg_mailing_list] Re: Veterans Day Ceremony Bangor Park

807th Cadets, Parents and Staff, Only two weeks until Veteran’s Day! I’ve only received two responses to this call to action for the Veteran’s Day Ceremony at Bangor Park on Saturday morning, 1000, 11NOV17. Please look at your calendars and respond to this email as soon as possible. We need an idea of how many […]

[807_pawg_mailing_list] Laser Tag 5th Monday events cancelled

807th Cadets, Parents and Staff, There is no laser tag tonight. I wasn’t able to schedule anything as they are closed on Monday nights. We will be going with the schedule as put forth by our Squadron Cadet Commander. We did receive some free passes for the activity to be used by the Squadron. We […]

[807_pawg_mailing_list] Fwd: [PA Wing Comm] [Wing-Info] Fwd: Region Cadet Leadership School NCSA 26-31 December 2017

807th Cadets, Parents and Staff, The Northeast Region Cadet Leadership School (RCLS) is being offered on a ‘Preliminary Registration’ basis to get an idea of interest in hosting the event in Connecticut this year. There is no word as to whether there will be a Basic Encampment offered in conjunction with the RCLS. The Course […]

[807_pawg_mailing_list] Reviewed and updated Commander’s Safety Policy

807th Cadets, Parents and Staff, As we get to the end of another year (only 2 months until Christmas!) I wanted to bring your attention back to a topic very important to us in the 807th and Civil Air Patrol. Safety is of paramount importance to everything we do! From the Squadron level all the […]

[807_pawg_mailing_list] Dining-Out Info

C/1LT Lam, Please put the O’Brien family down for 7 attending. Mrs Magdalena O’Brien, Amelia, Morgan, Logan, Cecilia, Keegan and I will be attending the Dining Out. V/r, Pat O’Brien [image: Inline image 1] Maj Patrick O’Brien Deputy Commander, Group 4 Commander, 807th Braden Composite Squadron C: 610-509-6235 H: 610-588-1459 U.S. Air Force Auxiliary […]

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